Friday, June 27, 2014

State Mandated Beer Temperatures

Apparently in Indiana in the US, the state decides what temperature you can sell beer at. At the moment only "package liquor stores", whatever they are, can sell you a cold beer. Beer at convenience stores must be at room temperature. The reasoning is that if beer sold at convenience stores was allowed to be cold then that would just make people drink more. Too bad that beer keeps better if it stays cold.

Perhaps if they thought it through they'd realise that customers of beer from convenience stores would just get in the habit of buying more and sooner and would invest in more refrigeration at their homes or workplaces. Meaning that laws like this really just exist to stimulate sales of fridges.

I wonder too, whether any convenience store owners have thought of turning their whole store into a cool room. There are plenty of other goods that need to be kept cold, others that might benefit even if they aren't normally chilled and there can't be many goods that are better at 20 degrees than 4. So if the whole store had a room temperature of 4 degrees, would the authorities intervene?

One other thing. There's such a thing as the Indiana State Excise Police. How frightening is that? Here's their story. Their mission is "to provide quality service and to protect the morals and welfare of the people of the State of Indiana." Chilling. I wonder what their uniform is.

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