Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Problematic Drinking Culture"

File this under "a wonder no-one tried this sooner" (or maybe they did?). A Perth authority has, we're told, issued an edict that local consumers must not emulate the traditions of one of Europe's least problematic drinking cultures. So one litre steins are verboten. Read it here. Maybe something has been lost in translation and there is some interpretation that casts this bit of meddling in a good light. If so, please explain this below.

Here's the Bad Liquor Laws Blog's interpretation... local bodies should stick to telling licencees what outcomes they need to achieve. If Brett Snell doesn't want patrons staggering out of these places seriously intoxicated then he should tell them that and come up with some metric that they need to meet. He should stay away from meddling in the operational details of their business. Now he just looks like a particularly obnoxious kind of meddling do-gooder.

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